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It's hot and sunny for most of the year in Morocco. During the peak summer months it gets uncomfortably hot especially in Marrakech, Fes and southwest Morocco, towards the desert. Casablanca, Rabat and Essaouira are a bit more comfortable in the peak of summer because they benefit from a cooler ocean breeze. Winters (November to February) are generally mild although temperatures at night can get down to the 40's Fahrenheit (10 C). A dusting of snow is not unusual in Northern Morocco and of course the Atlas Mountains get a lot of snow. You can even ski in Oukaimeden just outside of Marrakech. Winters in the north of the country and along the coast can be quite wet. Winters in the south are drier but colder, especially at night.

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Kui sa ' oled planeerinud reisi Sahara kõrb ' s parim hop camel sügisel või varakevadel. Temperatuur keskmiselt umbes 115 Fahrenheiti (45 C) ja see ' s ilmselt kuiv nagu luu. Ööd kõrbes saavad palju külmema aga ja te ' ll vaja hea jope isegi kui sa ' uuesti Läkähdyttävä päevasel ajal.

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Если вы планируете поездку по пустыне Сахара, это лучше сделать верхом на верблюде, осенью или ранней весной. Температура летом держится в среднем около 115 градусов по Фаренгейту (45 C), и климат там сухой, как кость. Ожнако, ночи в пустыне намного холоднее и даже если вы изнемогали от жары в течение дня, вам понадобится тёплая курточка.

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