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Війна у В'єтнамі був збройний конфлікт, що відбулося у В'єтнамі, Лаос і Камбоджа від 1 листопада 1955 року до 30 квітня 1975 року. Конфлікт побачив комуністичного режиму Північного В'єтнаму боротьби ...

Domain: History; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Ancient history

The detonation of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945 was one of the most horrific events in the history of the world. Equivalent to 20,000 kilotons of TNT, the atomic bomb known as ...

Domain: History; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Ancient history

The world watched on in horror as two hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade centre on September 11, 2001. American Airlines Boeing 767 crashed into the north tower first, ...

Domain: History; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: American history

The Atlantic slave trade began during the 15th century and continued through the 19th Century during which period it was eventually abolished. The triangular trade was born out of the desire for ...

Domain: History; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Ancient history

Ruandas genocīds notika 1994. gadā. Juta, ka masveida nokaušanu Hutus, kas izriet no ilgtermiņa iekšējais konflikts starp divām etniskām grupām, Tutsis. J.E. Burnett teikts, ka pilsoņu karš izcēlās ...

Domain: History; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Ancient history

This barbaric period in history saw the death of over six million Jews. The Holocaust Encyclopedia describes it as 'the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder' of these ...

Domain: History; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: European history

The Rwandan genocide took place in 1994. It saw the mass slaughter of the Tutsis by the Hutus, resulting from long standing internal conflict between the two ethnic groups. J.E. Burnett states that ...

Domain: History; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Ancient history

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