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The 4 Xs stand for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Players are given control of a large community of people and a large scale of time, on that of nations. Example: Civilization.

Domain: Video games; Category: Role playing games

Construction and management simulation games. Players build and manage in-game projects or communities just as they would in real life were they in the position to do so. Example: SimCity.

Domain: Video games; Category: Role playing games

The first-person shooter features the character partaking in combat, usually with projectile weapons, while being controlled by the player from the first person perspective. Examples: Doom, Team ...

Domain: Video games; Category: First person shooters

Video games focusing on close combat and defeating several enemies at a time. Beat 'em ups focus on hand to hand combat while hack and slash focuses on the use of melee weapons. Examples: Devil May ...

Domain: Video games; Category: Fighting games

The player uses a pointer device, most often a gun, to shoot down enemies appearing on a screen. May or may not actually use light to detect whether or not enemies were hit. Example: Duck Hunt.

Domain: Video games; Category: Fighting games

Players follow the music or the rhythm of a musical piece playing. The difficulty of such a game often lies in the tempo and the number of inputs that must be successfully executed. Example: Cytus.

Domain: Video games; Category: Rhythm games

Video games with an environment made of two-dimensional platforms. Gameplay consists of the controllable character traversing the platforms, usually by jumping, to arrive at his destination. Example: ...

Domain: Video games; Category: Characters

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