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The term "smoothie" comes from the early 20th century, but it was not until 1930 that was used to describe a drink. The first were only fruit smoothies, fruit juice and ice and were an obscure concept in the United States until it became fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s as a natural food. During these decades, health food stores were in the country and these stores often made and sold liquefied fruit drinks.

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Electrical processing and mixing device usually used to create smoothies and milkshakes.

Domain: Household appliances; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Cooking appliances Collected Term

Recipe for one person. Ingredients: 1 banana 1/4 glass of water 3 branches of Spinach 1 tbsp. Cinnamon powder Honey (optional) Preparation: Wash the Spinach. Add the branches of ...

Domain: Beverages; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Smoothies

The world's most popular fruit. The most common U.S. variety is the yellow Cavendish. They are picked green and develop better flavor when ripened off the bush. Two sweeter varieties are the red ...

Domain: Fruits & vegetables; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Fruits Collected Term

spice (whole sticks or ground) Description: Bark from the Ceylon (buff colored) or Cassia tree (dark reddish-brown). Aromatic, pungent. Cinnamon sticks are added to dishes during the cooking process ...

Domain: Food (other); Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Herbs & spices Collected Term

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