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Do you think that social media is for those with too much time on their hands? An endless stream of self-centred status updates with little bearing on reality? Think again The following 10 categories are critical considerations for Business Success on Facebook. 1. Clear and professional branding and photos. Business logos, web design and product photography must be as clear, relevant and engaging as possible. It pays to get a graphic designer to help you design a web page and logo for your brand. An objective opinion on your design ideas from a trained eye can often have significant benefit to product and web page popularity regardless of what you think of your own work. Take clear pictures of your products with simple backgrounds and natural lighting. You don’t have to have a fancy camera to start with, just have the right light conditions, a steady hand and the correct setting on your camera. With this combination and some trial & error, you can achieve brilliant images. It’s always best to show your product in the environment it is intended for so that customers get a good understanding of it’s use. 2. Get familiar with Facebook etiquette. Facebook has many helpful discussions regarding competitions, tagging, advertising and simple topics such as interaction with other business pages. 3. Network with other businesses. Get to know other women in small business. There are many out there that can be a great support to you, help with suppliers, marketing and promoting your business. Many women are in the same position, juggling our families and businesses, so networking is a great way to support one another. I have a few very close relationships with other women in online business. We have never met; yet manage to market each other’s businesses over time in both retail and wholesale situations. When first approaching a business online, it is wise to introduce yourself with private email first. 4. Make an effort to thank and return ‘likes’. Whether your new ‘liker’ is from a business or personal page, always thank them for supporting you and do your best to return the ‘like’ to their business. You never know what you both will get out of that new contact through some simple courtesy. 5. Never post pictures or promotions on other business pages without their permission. Posting your own pictures or promotions on a page other than your own without permission will be something you’ll learn to regret. It can be quite an awful feeling when minutes after posting your pride & joy on someone’s wall, you find it deleted without explanation. 6. Interact with your ‘likers’. Show a piece of yourself every now and then. People like to see and read a bit about the people who operate businesses and what happens behind the scenes. Simple topics such as where you create your products and even a small tasteful glimpse of what you do in your downtime can be fascinating reading. 7. Respond to comments and answer questions without delay. You’ll never know of the sales you could have made if you don’t get back to people promptly. Business Success on Facebook is built on interaction. I always do my best to get back to a comment or question within the same day if someone is interested in my products. 8. If you promise something such as a new product or sale - stick to it! There are numerous situations where businesses advertise that a new product is “in the making” or “wait till you see it in blue - I’ll post a pic later” and it never happens. If you have promoted an idea, your customers will be waiting on your exciting sale or new product, don’t let them down and miss out on sales. Simply following through on your ideas and plans keeps ‘likers’ engaged in your business. 9. Don’t harp on about your problems. Many businesses have the upsetting discovery that someone else is copying their product or brought out what someone else might think is a better version. As business owners put so much time and effort into products, it is always frustrating when others mimic designs and methods. If you feel the need to mention your challenges via a status update, do so, but business success does not come from sharing your problems with other people. Be the better person and move forward remembering that customers are following your page for your products and don’t really need to hear about all the extra drama. Sometimes other people can be a big support on Facebook, but keep it short and sweet. 10. Post content that entertains, amuses and encourages others. It can be great when you open your News Feed and someone has posted a funny picture or an encouraging quote for the day. It can make all the difference in how your day turns out. Why not be one of those encouraging people who doesn’t just run a business but brings smiles to faces sometimes too. Your name will certainly be remembered! After I made a recent simple but inspirational post, sales increased substantially on the same day. Business Success on Facebook is a reality waiting for any who choose to capitalise on it. Given the right business formula, don’t underestimate the capacity of Facebook to go far beyond a simple social media playground and take your business to new levels of popularity and success.

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