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A personal portable computer that is small enough to use on one's lap.

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материнская плата

Компьютеры; Лэптопы

The computer's main circuit board. All internal components are attached or connected in some way to the motherboard. The motherboard holds the processor, the bus, memory sockets, expansion slots, and ...


Компьютеры; Лэптопы

Located in between LCD display screen and backlight source, the diffuser is a semi-transparent material that helps disperse light.

модуль памяти с двухрядным расположением выводов

Компьютеры; Лэптопы

Acronym that stands for dual inline memory module, which is a type of memory storage prominently used in laptops; comprised of a series of RAM (random access memory) circuits with both sides of ...

двойная скорость передачи данных

Компьютеры; Лэптопы

Acronym that stands for double data rate, which is the ability to send and receive computer signals twice in one clock cycle by transferring data on both the high and low segments of a clock cycle.


Компьютеры; Лэптопы

Unit of measuring frequency that is equal to the number of cycles that occur in one second; written as Hz

задний фонарь

Компьютеры; Лэптопы

The main source of illumination emitted from the back or sides of a LCD panel. The backlight enhances the quality of color, images, and light.

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