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Проект стекла

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Стекло проекта научных исследований и разработок программа Google для прототипа и построить Расширенная реальность смонтированы голову дисплей (БГМ). В то время как идея не является новой, проект ...

размер глаза

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The horizontal measurement of the lens on any frame at its widest part. This measurement is measured in millimeters.


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Glass lenses are scratch resistant and easily tinted, but are double the weight of plastic lenses. Glass lenses have excellent optical qualities and can have a refractive index as high as 1.90. Glass ...

инфракрасное излучение

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Radiant energy not normally considered harmful but that can cause a burning of the unprotected eyes, especially for contact lens wearers. Be sure your sunglasses stop IR radiation.

материалы линз

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The right lens is just as important as the frame shape, color or size. The lens choice will determine the thickness and visual accuracy of your prescription. recommends polycarbonate ...


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Long-sighted individuals see better at a distance than close up and sometimes experience difficulty bringing their vision into sharp, clear focus for reading and other close-up activities. ...

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Serbian Mythological Beings

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