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Who invented TermWiki?

The site works great. It's hard to believe the database has grown big so fast. Definitely see much potential as TermWiki gathers more terms in all subjects and languages. It will be great though if the site supports other language interfaces too.

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TermWiki was developed by CSOFT International (http://www.csoftintl.com), a leading localization/translation company and developer of language technology. As for UI in other languages... there have been a few rumors that that is going to happen very soon :)

04:19, 8 April 2011

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Избранные глоссарии

Italian Saints

Категория: Религия   3 20 Terms

Cigarettes Brand

Категория: Образование   2 10 Terms

Stylistic Devices

Категория: Искусство   2 37 Terms

Most Popular Cooking TV Show

Категория: Развлечения   4 7 Terms

Slavic mythology

Категория: Религия   1 20 Terms

Most Popular Cartoons

Категория: Развлечения   2 8 Terms