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What kind of things are kids aged 11-12 interested in?

I know it's quite a broad question but anything, be it games, sports, films, music and other hobbies will be helpful. Thanks!

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I will agree with Melissa. Those are some of the things kids of that age are interested in. However, we should not forget that more and more kids at young ages are becoming very keen on technology and especially the Internet and social media. Every time I happen to hear kids talking to each other, their only conversation is how many friends they have in Facebook and how many likes their comment got. Kids's habits and interests are definetely very different from those 10 years ago.

12:38, 22 September 2012

Melissa taing

Thinking back to when I was that old, and from baby-sitting experience, outdoor activities are usually a hit: tag, freeze tag, drawing/doodling on the sidewalk with chalk, jump-roping, bicycling, etc. For girls, painting the nails is also a fun activity. This is also highly dependent on the kid - some 11/12 year olds are perfectly content reading and drawing in a corner; others need more high-energy activities to keep them occupied. Music and movies seem to have universal appeal though - I hear Justin Bieber is pretty popular.

01:04, 18 May 2011

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