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What formula can I use in Excel 2007 to create one list from another?

Please see the image for a visual representation of this. The left-hand list contains the information I want, at regular intervals of 3 rows. I want to copy only this information into a list on the right, which would no longer be separated by rows. I've already tried 2 things: in C1, C2 and C3 putting =A1, =A4 and =A7, but when I highlight and pull down to copy the formula, the formula doesn't continue upwards (i.e. A10, A13 etc.) so the results are inaccurate. I've also tried =A3, =A(3+5), but it doesn't like the brackets at all. Although the question is quite complex, what I am asking is actually very simple. Does anyone have a solution?

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Robert Derbyshire

Someone has actually resolved this for me: B1 =INDIRECT("A"&ROWS($1:1)*3-2) copy down column

21:45, 13 July 2011

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