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Headquartered in Montreuil, France, Ubisoft Entertainment S.A. is a global video game publisher and developer. Originating from Carentoir (Morbihan, Brittany), Ubisoft has a worldwide presence with a large number of studios and subsidiaries in many countries. The name "Ubi" comes from the acronym ...
Vaas Montenegro is the secondary antagonist of Far Cry 3 and is the poster character for the game, being featured in numerous promotional materials. In the game, he is violent, unpredictable, prideful, and extremely dangerous. Born on May 7, 1985 in Rook Island, Vaas started on this downward spiral when he became addicted to drugs brought Rook Island by Hoyt Volker. He eventually joined up with the self-appointed warlord after Hoyt promised him power and wealth. Now he is one of the most feared men on an island full of madmen.
Industry:Video games
Komodo dragons are native animals found in plains or near beaches on Rook Island. They feed mostly on carrion. Even though they seem passive, getting too close to them is dangerous. To kill this giant lizard, a powerful weapon is necessary. Goat meat has proven to be good bait for this animal.
Industry:Video games
The bull shark is one of the most dangerous animals in the sea. They are extremely common around Rook Island and live in both saltwater and freshwater. They get agitated and move faster when they smell their prey. As guns do not work in water, you will face certain death if you meet several sharks when swimming. It is said that diving into deep water can temporarily avoid this dangerous animal.
Industry:Video games
Dingoes are a species of wild dog native to Australia. They hunt in packs, and can be very dangerous when provoked. They live in woodlands and plains of Rook Island. Like the bears that roam the island, they will not attack people unless threatened or if their territory is intruded upon for too long. When attacked by dingoes, an automatic weapon is most effective since the animals move very fast. Dingoes can be identified by their distinctive howling. Like most animals they can be skinned and their hides, the Dingo Pelts can be used in crafting.
Industry:Video games
Dingoes ovat villi koira kotoisin Australiasta. Ne saalistavat laumoissa ja voi olla hyvin vaarallista, kun ärsytyskynnys. He asuvat woodlands ja tasangoilla torni saaren. Kuin karhuja, jotka vaeltavat saaren ne eivät hyökkäys ihmisiä julistettaisiin tai jos niiden alueella on häiritä päälle liian kauan. Kun hyökkäsivät dingoes, automaattinen ase on tehokkain, koska eläimet liikkuvat hyvin nopeasti. Dingoes voidaan tunnistaa erottuva ulvonta. Kuten useimmat eläimet ne nyljetään ja heidän piilottaa Dingo turkisten voi käyttää luomisessa.
Industry:Video games