Lily Translation Services (LTS)
Отрасли: Accounting; Advertising; Aerospace; Agricultural chemicals; Agriculture; Alternative therapy; Anatomy; Animals; Anthropology; Apparel; Archaeology; Architecture; Art history; Arts & crafts; Astrology; Astronomy; Audio equipment; Automation; Automotive; Aviation; Baked goods; Banking; Bars & nightclubs; Beauty; Beverages; Biology; Biotechnology; Boat; Broadcasting & receiving; Building materials; Business services; Candy & confectionary; Chemistry; Chronometry; Cinema; Communication; Computer; Construction; Consulting; Consumer electronics; Consumer services; Convention; Cosmetics & skin care; Culinary arts; Culture; Dairy products; Dance; Dental services; Design; Drama; Earth science; Economy; Education; Electrical equipment; Electronic components; Energy; Engineering; Entertainment; Environment; Events; Extraterrestrials; Eyewear; Family; Fashion; Fashion accessories; Festivals; Financial services; Fire safety; Fishing; Fishing; Fitness; Food (other); Footwear; Forest products; Frozen prepared foods; Fruits & vegetables; Games; Garden; Genealogy; General; Geography; Gifts & crafts; Glass packaging; Government; Health care; History; Holiday; Home furnishings; Horticulture; Household appliances; Household cleaners; Human resources; Hunting & fishing; IT services; Immigration; Industrial machinery; Industrial valves; Inorganic chemicals; Insurance; Internet; Investment; Jewelry; Kitchen & dining; Knowledge organization; Labor; Land development; Language; Law; Law enforcement; Leather; Legal services; Leisure; Library & information science; Life Sciences; Lights & lighting; Liquor; Literature; Love; Luggage & bags; Machine tools; Manufacturing; Maritime; Marketing; Martial arts; Materials science; Mathematics; Measuring and control technologies; Meat products; Mechanical equipment; Medical; Medical devices; Metal packaging; Metals; Military; Mining; Miscellaneous; Mobile communications; Motivational Terms; Multimedia; Music; Musical equipment; Natural environment; Network hardware; Network software; News service; Non-profit organizations; Oenology; Office equipment; Oil & gas; Online services; Optometry; Organic chemicals; Organizations; Other; Outsourcing & offshoring; PR & event management; Packaging; Paints & varnishes; Paper packaging; Paper products; Parenting; Patent; People; Performing arts; Personal accessories; Personal care products; Personal details; Personal life; Pet products; Pharmaceutical; Philosophy; Photography; Physics; Places; Plants; Plastic packaging; Plastics; Political systems; Politics; Pollution control; Printing & publishing; Professional careers; Psychiatry; Psychology; Public areas; Quality management; Railways; Real estate; Recording equipment; Recycling; Regulatory; Relationships; Religion; Resorts & casinos; Restaurants; Retail; Retailing non-food; Robots; Rubber; Sailing; Science; Seafood; Security & protection; Semiconductors; Snack foods; Social marketing; Social network; Sociology; Software; Solar industry; Speleology; Sporting goods; Sports; Standardization; Statistics; Supermarkets; TV shows; Technology; Telecom equipment; Telecommunications; Textiles; Timepieces; Tobacco; Tools; Tourism & hospitality; Toys; Toys and games; Trade show; Translation & localization; Transportation; Travel; Utilities; Veterinary health; Video games; Water bodies; Weather; Weddings; Wireless technologies; Zoology; Others
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Lily Translation Services (LTS), established in 2010 and headquartered in Kabul Afghanistan, is a leading company which provides the most reliable translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading, localization and typing services. Operating from Afghanistan and with affiliates in the UAE and India, ...