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I have had the pleasure of riding 10 out of 14 lines in Beijing. They all have different Characteristics.

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地铁的叔叔。他很慢,但是他让它。第三个构造,它连接的郊区,海淀、 常平、 2 号线到朝阳。直到 10 号线、 13 号线是北京 40.9 公里处的 lonegst 线。它在 2002 年,在西方,运行中打开,但到 2003 年它完成了,并且是采用电子磁卡系统的第一道防线。它很目前 贯穿 16 个车站,其中 8 ...

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Big cousin line. Working has for his money, line 10 still runs smooth, and takes risers through the business district of Beijing. Started as a partial line (Phase 1), it opened in 2008, ready for the ...

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Our pre-olympics uncle. Running from North to South, Line 5 opened in 2007, being the first to run to north to south, from Tiantongyuan North to Songjiazhuang. It runs through old neighborhoods to ...

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The uncle of subways. He is slow but he makes it. The third one to be constructed, it connects the suburbs, Haidian, Chanping, Chaoyang to line 2. Until line 10, line 13 was the lonegst line in ...

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More like the young brother of line 1. Constructed a decade and a half later in 1984. The busiest of all subways, line 2 had meager beginnings. It started as a horseshoe in shape, running through 16 ...

Domain: Transportation; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Subway

The grand daddy of all lines. Slow and rickety he is, but he is still faithful, taking passengers from west (Pingguoyuan) to east(Sihui East) of Beijing. Proposed in 1953, line 1 only started ...

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