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This list of Idioms will help you to understand the next conversation that you have with a British person.

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Sweet Fanny Adams mean nothing, such as when being asked what you did for the day or what you’re currently doing. Usually a more pleasant way of saying "Leave it" or an alternative way of saying ...

Domain: Culture; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Popular culture

A "nosy parker", sometimes spelled 'nosey parker', is a person of an overly inquisitive or prying nature. The phrase 'nosy parker' dates from the end of the 19th century. The popular Victorian ...

Domain: Culture; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Popular culture

This phrase means that something will be successful. It is the equivalent of ‘and there you go,’ or as the French say ‘et voilà!’. Adding the ‘and fanny’s your aunt’ makes you that much more ...

Domain: Culture; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: Popular culture

The idiom describes the moment when a person find a very cheap prices that is not usual in the market. The first British who say this phrase was the famous presenter David Dickinson, who introduced ...

Domain: Culture; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: People

Pop one’s clogs is a euphemism for dying or death. To 'pop' - slang for taking something to a pawnbrokers. Clogs were used (umongst others) by poor millworkers in the North of England in the ...

Domain: Culture; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: People

British love to make fun of and tease each other and that’s exactly what ‘taking the mickey’ means. You can also say ‘take the mick.’ Example: “Stop taking the mickey out of your brother.” Meani ...

Domain: Culture; Отрасль/сфера деятельности: People Collected Term

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