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When most people think of travelling for vacation, the usuals may come up: Greece, Italy, America, Mexico, Jamaica, Tahiti, amybe even South Africa or Kenya....YAWN..BORING!! I am here to present destinations you might not even have heard of. If you know of any more, feel free to add on.

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East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Reunion is an Island that has a population of 800, 000. with white sandy beaches, volcanic landscapes, and tropical climate, Reunion is summed up as ...

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A small mountainous country, 464 sq km, lies between Spain and France, with a population of 73, 100. Andorra is not a member of the EU, EEA or Schengen Area.Their dominant language is Spanish, but ...

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Located in the Middle East, Oman is on the south east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabic state has 38 degree humid summers, 21 degree Springs, and 16 degree Winters. Arabic is their national ...

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An island inside and island, Sumatra, is an island in western Indonesia, to the west of the Sunda Islands. It is the largest island that is entirely in Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the ...

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Standing south east of Iceland, west of Norway and north of the United Kingdom, in the North Atlantic ocean, Faroe Islands are mountainous islands whose coastline spans 1,298 km and highest point is ...

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With a total population of 9561, The Islands of Tuvalu stand east of Australia and North east of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean, with a land area of 25.63 sq m. Its capital is Funafuti, and English is one ...

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Its amazing what we can do with just a little ...

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New Species found recently.

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It is the ‘coming together of two or more ...

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