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Of or pertaining to the art of writing in any form or style, most especially published works.

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Литература > Общая литература

писательское мастерство

Литература; Общая литература

Is considered to be any writing, fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, that goes outside the bounds of normal professional,journalistic, academic, and technical forms of literature. ...


Литература; Общая литература

A short story is a work of fiction that is usually written in prose, often in narrative format. This format tends to be more pointed than longer works of fiction, such ...


Литература; Общая литература

A novella (also called a short novel) is a written, fictional, prose narrative longer than a novelette but shorter than a novel. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of ...


Литература; Общая литература

Is the process of selecting and preparing written, visual, audible, and film medium used to convey information through a processes of correction, condensation, organization, and ...


Литература; Общая литература

The time between dawn and sunrise, and between sunset and dusk. Sunlight scattered in the upper atmosphere illuminates the lower atmosphere, and the surface of the earth is ...

составление рекламных материалов

Литература; Общая литература

Это использование слов и идей для продвижения человека, Бизнес, мнение или идею. Хотя слово копия может быть применен к любой контент, предназначенный для печати (например, в ...


Литература; Общая литература

A type of fixed form poetry consisting of nineteen lines of any length divided into six stanzas: five tercets and a concluding quatrain. The first and third lines of the initial ...