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Why are some people "morning people" and others "evening people"?

I'm wondering if people are permanently one or the other, and if so, what causes it?

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According to scientists, the circadian rhythm, a 24.1-hour period that dictates the sleep-wake cycle, differs among people and can influence whether we are a "morning lark" or a "night owl". The sleep-wake cycle is generally shorter for early risers than it is for "evening people". Research has proven that though our sleeping and waking preferences may be partially innate, some are due to what we’re used to from childhood, the seasons, or what we have adapted to. This means we can change our sleeping patterns.

02:23, 29 April 2011


We sure can change our sleeping patterns but that does not put an end to the fact that we are a night owl or a morning person... Even if we do have to adapt to certain hours, some of us still are incapable of anything good before or after certain hours due to the fact that we are forced to be awake and functionning at a time which is unnatural for us...

10:56, 29 April 2011

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