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What is the difference between localization, globalization, internationalization and translation?

What does each mean?
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Localization- to make something local, consider a particular locality -After a product has been internationalized, it can then be localized. Localization is the process of adapting a product to fit the specific language and culture of a target market. The goal is to make the product as natural and transparent as possible for the user, as if it was developed with that user in mind. Globalization- is a fact that different cultures and economic systems around the world are becoming connected and similar to each other. It consider all world - is the process of developing, manufacturing and marketing a product intended for distribution in foreign markets. This is a two-step process consisting of internationalization and localization, with translation being an integral part of localization. Internationalization – is it an act of crating something consider two or more countries -Internationalization is the process of generalizing a product to prepare it for localization. This neutralizes the product, enabling a more efficient localization process, improving quality and decreasing localization costs and time to market. Internationalizing a product just once enables a company to easily localize that product for multiple locations. Translation- is the process of rendering the meaning of a text from one language into another. It is a significant part of the localization process.

05:24, 14 September 2011

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