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People in China are enthusiastic about food. There is an old Chinese saying "waste not, want not", which exactly expresses Chinese usage of food raw materials. Chinese people use an infinite variety of plants and animals including some unexpected parts of plants and animals. Food in different regions has its own unique characteristics. Every part of animals is used for food, so western travelers might have different feelings about Chinese food such as surprise, tasty, horror, disgust and unhappiness. People from other countries usually are shocked at what Chinese people eat such as scorpions, ants, dogs, cats, snakes and eggs with unborn birds. The staples and main food types are various and surprising in China. There is a proverb saying Chinese people eat everything with four legs except tables and the flying except airplanes. If you are interested in some special local snacks, you could have a try. For sure, there is a lot of delicious regional food such as Sichuan Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Shandong Cuisine and Shanghai Cuisine. China is a country that its people love to eat with gusto. There are some tips to help you understand Chinese eating.

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這道菜味道真好吃,將很難忘記了是否你有過。這需要很長時間和很多步驟,使。選擇了做這道菜的肋骨沒有更好的有一些脂肪,但不是能太多。第一步是到風味備用的肋骨與許多原料,像黑豆醬、 姜、 小辣椒、 鹽、 醬油、 蠔油、 糖、 米酒等。調料品更好地必須有長達幾個小時。第二步,有點,油炸肋骨可能由一些廚師被跳過。油炸的肋骨與一些更多的成分,像大蒜會做的菜味道更好。最後一步蒸的肋骨與相當多的蔥。蒸制是為了讓肉 ...

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